We are a community leader in assisting people with disabilities in developing inclusive lifestyles.

Supporting People with Intellectual/Developmental and Physical Disabilities

Abilities Discovered, Inc. is a private non-profit organization that strives to enhance the lives with intellectual/developmental and physical disabilities.  Abilities Discovered, Inc. serves the Middle Georgia area. 

In 1987, a group of people who eventually became the Board of Directors for Abilities Discovered, Inc. recognized a need for an agency that world support people with intellectual/developmental and physical disabilities in integrated environments within our community. Abilities Discovered, Inc. was founded to help people with intellectual/developmental and physical disabilities find “regular” jobs in Houston, Peach, and Crawford Counties.

Those associated with Abilities Discovered, Inc. believe that People with disabilities shouldn’t be segregated and should live, work and laugh alongside of all of us. 

People who seek support from Abilities Discovered, Inc. explore their wants to desires and needs as well as options that were once unknown.  Safety and health are always a priority.  Individuals goals might include: making new friends, finding a job, furthering one’s education, living on your own, having a spouse, traveling, being in a choir, learning to drive, learning to act, learning to paint, learning to use a computer, or helping other people. Everyone’s dreams are unique and (Abilities Discovered, Inc.) strives to make each person’s come true.

Community Living (CLS)

assists people in activities of daily living in their own or their family’s home. Respite (R)

Community Access (CA)

provides opportunities for people to participate in activities in their community.

Community Residential Training and Supervision

is provided in Shared Residences (SR) and Host Homes. (HH)

Financial Assistance (FA)

is support in paying bills and money management.

Specialized Medical Supplies (SMS)

are items needed to maintain ones optimal health.

Transportation (T)

is provided in conjunction with another service.

“Helping people help themselves”

We believe that persons with disabilities should’t be segregated and should live, work, and laugh along side all of us.

Supported Employment (SE)

assists persons with an intellectual /developmental disability to become and stay employed in a job alongside persons without disabilities.

Personal Support (PS)

is hands on care for persons with physical disabilities.

Family Support (FS)

provides services 5 to 8 hours monthly based on unique needs of families.

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