Life Assistance

Life AssistanceAbilities Discovered, Inc. strives to provide not only job assistance, but also Life Assistance. We realize there’s more to life than working.  Often, our consumers need help because they are suddenly working. It’s a big change in their life. We provide and coordinate the support services to help the individual adjust to their new way of life. These supports can be as simple as helping someone buy an alarm clock, so they can get off to work without our obvious presence. Many of our consumers have become very independent and don’t wish for their new friends and co-workers to realize their connection with service providers. We respect and encourage their new found freedom and constantly search for innovative ways to be less obtrusive while still maintaining quality support when it’s needed.

A somewhat more complex service we provide is helping the individual to be just that – an Individual. Some of our consumers came to us from institutions. They’ve been taught throughout their lives to be “a group”. We help these persons by showing them their community “up close and personal”. We provide one on one support and training in a variety of areas. Shopping trips provide a way to handle newly earned money.

A trip to a nice restaurant provides a real opportunity and a real person to practice good manners. A trip to the movies or local Air Force Museum provides a time for good old fashioned fun.

At the same time we are supplying these opportunities, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to help other people become involved and acquainted with our consumers. Often, all that’s necessary for a friendship to blossom are these trips out into the community. As soon as possible our focus switches from our consumer to the newly discovered friendship.

We quietly encourage activities of mutual interest and soon the friendship is established. After awhile the consumer is no longer seen in the community as “someone from Abilities Discovered” but as “someone’s friend” and later as “my friend too”. We strive to help the individual but we realize that as long as our consumer is identified as “someone from Abilities Discovered” he/she is still part of the group.

We’ll continue to meet the challenge of the future by providing these opportunities for personal growth in unobtrusive ways.

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