Outreach Program

Warner Robins OutreachOutreach is life assistance. Outreach services are designed on an individual basis and focus on enhancing strength and skills a person has and finding ways to overcome stances created by their disability.

When participants of our Supported Employment Program began to experiences at work with non-disabled members of our community, they began to want to share in other integrated experiences like church activities, social groups, and living in their own homes. This program is mostly state funded with the same funds other organizations use for self-contained, segregated, for activity centers.

Outreach Success Stories

Terry’s Story

Terry came to Abilities Discovered, Inc. in August 1996. He wanted to move to Warner Robins and into a place of his own, but those who cared about him were concerned about him being alone and perhaps feeling lost or out of touch. As luck would have it, Alan, another Abilities Discovered, Inc. consumer, was looking for someone to share his apartment and expenses. The two were brought together and agreed to be roommates. Terry’s family was put at ease about their concerns of him living on his own when they found out Alan had a support staff living with him twenty-four hours a day.

Terry adjusted to his new environment at his own pace. First, just keeping up with his share of the household chores and getting to know his new roommate consumed most f his time. Later he started to participate more actively in the community by volunteering at the Warner Robins animal shelter. His peers at the animal shelter were very impressed with the skill and care he lavished on the animals. Terry is employed by Big Lots.

Terry is an active member of the International City Civitan Club. Through the Civitans Terry volunteers his time at a local stable that provides riding opportunities for the disabled. Terry helps with all aspects of horse care such as grooming, feeding, and general cleanup. Terry is so committed to his volunteer work that on one of the coldest mornings of this winter, Terry was seen with other Civitan members helping direct floats for the annual Warner Robins Christmas Parade.

If success is measured by what a person does for themselves and their community, Terry is one of the most successful people in Warner Robins today.


Craig’s Story

Craig lives in Fort Valley in the housing projects with his wife Melissa. As well as qualifying for our Outreach program, Craigs has also battled throat cancer which is currently in remission. When Craig and Melissa first met Donna, one of their Abilities Outreach workers, they were just getting by. The two had little experience advocating for themselves and few opportunities to go out and socialize.

Donna, LaRelle, and Karen have helped them learn how to better care for their apartment and advocate for better living conditions from their landlord. Abilities staff even helped them put a much needed coat of paint on their walls. Some other necessary household goods were purchased with flood relief grant money that Abilities helped obtain for Craig.

Craig and Melissa also have enjoyed participating in trips to the Georgia National Fair, Macon Whoopee games, and wrestling. Craigs and Melissa receive ongoing support. With some reminders from Donna, Craigs has been able to keep all of his Doctors appointments and get all of his bills paid on time. Craigs and Melissa have always been responsible and motivated and enjoy that now they have a nice home and yard to maintain.

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